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Binders & Manuals

With a wide range of diverse learning styles, the need for tangible quick search materials, which provide a tangible reference for projects, learning schemes or workplace knowledge.

Over the years we have helped businesses and organisations deliver effective knowledge sources which have proved to be foundations for user’s knowledge bases. Quite often, with the volume of connected knowledge, reference manuals or binders, have changed considerably to being the key facts and signposting for online sources. With the advent of digital technology through the use of mobile apps integration is exciting to the extent where images jump of the page and become instructional videos.

We have produced;

  • - Programme resource files, which have allowed volunteers to see a block of programmes for a youth charity, spread out the resource cards, assemble into a sequential order which worked them. Using colour coding, it also allowed that a balance of topics was delivered. Along with the usual post-it notes which were then inserted to key reminders.

  • - Manager induction programmes. Key staff, who have to absorb critical information pertinent to their roles. The induction packs, were the essential sign posting tool for each of the key topic areas. Through use of online resources, QR codes, short links and effective use of a YouTube channel supported the content delivered within the induction pack.

  • - New site/building guides. With large public capital projects (and smaller ones) defining catalogues, the how and where’s are critical to maintaining standards. Designed to complement intranets, use of building / site manuals allows users to immediately annotate to their own purposes. Improving engagement and buy in.

Case Study - Hedgehogs

View our case study on the Training Material we supplied for The Scout Association – Early Years Project (Hedgehogs).


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