Local Matters

We’ve all seen the advertisements, social media pieces on doing business locally. However, it takes a community to make it happen. Sharing together what matters, having a presence and being there.

But what does it all mean? 

We’re in a unique position, where, we are partners with a local Scout Group, in turn, they support / coordinate the local community guide magazine (Golcar Local), which attracts businesses to advertise to generate the income to support the activity as well as putting something back to the Scout Group. Ultimately this in turn then provides a reality point with local residents all about the “real” businesses on their door-step, or those that support their community. Which in turn generates real footfall for the businesses.

However, for communities and businesses to be there for the future, people still need to actively support each other. Businesses do support each other, and we have great relationships with several of the other advertisers in Golcar Local. We’re really grateful to Golcar Scout Group, who do lots to help us, and we return the favour whenever we can.  You’ll often see us sharing other business posts, like Diamond Logistics. Or even print we’ve produced for Papa John’s. We actively talk about our connection to Golcar Local and encourage others to get involved, as know the value it has, not just for you, but for local people and businesses.

Golcar Local is a rare resource, recognising need to bring together, but also doing it responsibly. Part of the original brief to Golcar Local was picking up on our environmentally friendly Soy-based print. After all, any periodical is time-bound, and most likely to be recycled within 2-4 months after it’s publication.  

It’s not just the fact it has high credentials for its eco-friendly nature, but the recycling of local wealth in our community and extended communities is a powerful tool. Supporting those who make, do and provide locally. In turn growing employment, growing investment at the heart what matters to us all, home. 

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