Never to be under-estimated.

We have one big difference from the “Big Shed” Printers, - we genuinely care. Like true crafts people, we are the people that do your job. We love to get to know you are find out what matters to you. After all we are real humans, who like to make you happy, because when you’re happy we are too!


Time for a true story, we have been doing various items of print for a one of our customers. Due to deliver a job into them last week, along with provide some support at an event they were running. So can say this customer matters to us. With less than 24 hours to the event (AGM) we get a phone call. Can you help us? Yes certainly, we always try our best and aim to please. Can you print our Annual Report? Well yes. After finding out that a previous “Big Shed” printer had always had this job had let them down. A little bit of light banter later, we found out that “big shed” printer, because they weren’t willing to support the client with their artwork issues. 


We cracked on with the job the following morning. Yes, the artwork had issues, nothing that we hadn’t resolved before, We, picked up a few issues / improvements which could be made to help some of their photos reproduce better (helps being a trained photographer / repro scanner operator). Within 3 hours we had the job printed on a good cover stock, creased ready for folding and inserting into the text sections of the job. Yes, delivered on time that afternoon.


A few morals of the tale,

-      Change is good, just because you’ve always done something that way, doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. Finding a print partner which believes in change is a good start.

-      When we priced the job, we actually came in more competitive that the “Big Shed” printer, after all we are a small business and understand small businesses and organisations. And if done in a timely manner not last minute, we could have saved this charity some money.

-      Never box, window or put people and businesses into they do this for us… asking and engaging with them and you will find out more, and they will be pleased to support you.

-      Small businesses are more human than the big ones, we don’t have automated robots doing everything for us, we will suggest and ensure the extras are done for you, either gratis (if small) or for not a lot extra.


Here at HAD-Print we are a totally flexible outfit, our main aim is to please and make you feel like you matter. After all, you engage with us, customer service matters to us more than the big boys, we value the relationships more! 

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