Bring back the physical in your marketing.

In recent years, people and businesses have got lazier. Sweeping statement, but the mantras of cost effective and instant gratification of “Job Done” have driven organisations away from fully using a diverse range of tools in their marketing toolbox, in favour of digital tools.

Engaging with people relies on multiple tools in the marketing toolbox, electronic, word of mouth, audio visual, print and many more. Marketing is all about teaching people about your product, and any “teacher” can tell you about VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic), learning styles. Whilst contemporary digital communications, work well with Visual and Auditory senses. The opportunity to deliver tactile learning, or discovery of your product or organisation, is something the digital world hasn’t really evolved to yet. 

Remembering that all individuals seek to validate information in any decision they are about to make, and this journey can take a random path between different medias, or tools. Missing out the kinaesthetic tactile in the mix, could be the missing piece in the jigsaw to completing the deal.

Here at HAD-Print, we have a creative approach to solving print problems, to aid the kinaesthetic learning or discovery in the marketing process. Print has evolved so much in the last decades, where we can print onto more items than ever before. We have a true approach of not just shifting boxes or printed matter, but making print work for you. To help you get started on this process we have a Promotional Tools Swatch, which might inspire you to think differently.

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