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Customer service is one of those experiences which everyone says they excel at. However, the word quality is very subjective. What does it really mean? How do you go to quantifying something which is partly an intangible?


It’s probably fair to say that small businesses probably do make more of an effort on customer service. It means more to them, it’s a lot more personal, the person you are dealing with, it most likely the business owner and want to ensure the best experience for you as a customer or user of their product or service. 


Even within 24 hours and recent days, I’ve seen polar opposite examples of how having the right communication can go a long way. Making it easier for your customer to see, find and engage is so essential, in creating the right experience.


A few tails….

… An associate of ours popped in and was discussing a project and common experiences came into the conversation. We both mentioned a salesperson who we’ve come across at various networking events. Needless to say, the perception was highly the same. The body language, tone of voice and conduct had made a similar impression, which was quite brusque and loud.

…Unfortunately my schedule this week has been manic, and realising I needed to use my Saturday morning more smartly I decided to try a gym session earlier. Much to my disappointment didn’t open to much later (weekdays it is 0630). Again the tone and body language of the member of staff who greeted me was curt and abrupt.

…Our Plumber was in the area, following a recent online conversation about upgrading our shower, popped by and give us the information we needed. Un-prompted, courtesy call, soon found out the specification of our old shower, which provided enough information for the boundaries on the specification for a replacement.


It’s really simple to see, the value adds, don’t cost anything. Simple premises of choosing your attitude, being there for the customer, making their day is great to add bring a smile back in return. Longevity wise, the benefits of the extras do pay off, referrals are more likely with great positive experiences. Mediocracy results in no action, as nothing memorable sparks a trigger. However, the negative experiences become “old wife's tails” which unfortunately spread too much. So if you’re marketing budget is limited, canny customer experiences can result in great word of mouth referrals which bring greater trust levels from new customers, as you’ve already partially won them over. 

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