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The only constant in life is change.  As we get older the demands of life seem to get even more challenging.  However, we all have the benefit of the experiences we have gained, some of which can be applied to be today’s solutions. Experience is great when you apply it.

25 years plus in print is a huge resource to draw on.  Recognising the obstacles we are facing today including interesting economic times; environmental issues; and building those into a business plan pose significant challenges.

In reviewing this we need to address the following:

1.    Reduced budgets

2.    Requirement for environmentally friendly products

3.    Shorter time-frame expectations

I came into the workplace as a YTS (Youth Training Scheme), had experiences from in-plant reprographic departments, retail copy shops, leisure industry promotional print and commercial print during my career.

Even back then, these earlier working environments achieved well on points 1 and 3 above, being able to deliver at speed and within budgets.  

Back in the day creativity wasn’t limited by printing processes e.g. one or two colours, still produced some great results.

Product environmental credentials are better than back then.  The biggest change is technology - the introduction of digital toner-based print for fast on demand print - drives expectations in the current print world.

So, taking my earlier points about applying experience – creativity is still available.  This led me to look at ways and means to bring about a different on-demand print into the Print Studio.  Re-visiting some of my earliest experiences led me to Riso-graphy.  It is a basic print solution with many benefits to new technology:

·      Low cost

·      Simple print method which uses less power than heat-based toner print

·      Ink is Soy based, improving environmental credentials i.e. shorter lifespan and biodegradable

The end result being we now have a Riso-based printer in the studio.  Picked up on the snowiest day in February, travelling across the back roads over the Pennines, shackled down in the back of the Navara.  Some maintenance was required and, thanks to the engineers in HAD-COPY and parts from China, we had it up and working in early April.

We are now using our experience to revisit and rediscover some adventurous ways to make print with 1 and 2 colours exciting.  We now have sample prints available to those looking for ecologically friendly, economic print.

An interesting journey at every step which we look forward to continuing.  

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