Get Kinaesthetic with your print and outshine the competition!

The battle for our attention is real.

Recent research concludes the average smartphone user checks their device 47 times a day! However how much can truly be remembered? In a digitally addicted generation, print brings a burst of fresh air.

Did you know that 92% of smartphone users say they still prefer print when making purchasing decisions? Carefully presented print media, with the right calls to action, can lead to greater conversion in a sales process. Using vouchers, sign-ups for exclusive must-have materials or access to the latest news and offers can be a great way to measure and lead to further customer engagement and sales.

American marketing guru Dan Kennedy challenges companies to ditch the “chase” mentality in marketing while focusing on helpful, value-giving ways that attract your audience instead.

Coupon advertising is far from dead. A 2018 American study showed that 91% of people ages 35-54 use coupons and 87% of millennials used coupons in the last year. And businesses benefit in a big way: stores are eight times more likely to make a sale when coupons are in play! Equally loyalty cards are another win, especially when the sign-up process allows you to legitimately acquire the customers' contact details, allowing for further selected techniques of marketing to be used. I still think the best example of this is Screwfix, whose regular mailshots keep me thinking of their store.

This might seem like old school marketing, but in an environment where less of these techniques is happening, you have more chance of standing out, by being different. Marketing is often referred to as a toolbox of techniques. Evolution happens, but thinking about the customer journey and the touchpoints along the way.

Print is a time-served tool in the marketing toolbox, we have seen various ideas and concepts along the way. Connecting them with other marketing actions is key to build your customer journey. We are always open to having a conversation with you to help you innovate your business’s or organisation’s marketing.

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