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Building your presence

Turning prospects to customers is the art of marketing. Understanding the needs, wants, desires of your potential customers is the key to harnessing the right results. Print is one of the under-spoken about tools in the marketing toolkit, so let us unpack it a bit more.

Marketing basics...

It's often underestimated, the knowledge that us printers have of marketing. We've been a significant part of the marketing toolbox for many years. Equally, we're not a dead marketing method, like some would proclaim, just a time-served tool in the chest of marketing concepts.

Respect and etiquette

The last few weeks have got me thinking a lot about etiquette, especially in business. I’ve read some astounding posts on Linkedin commenting on the current business culture where respect has been devoid, resulting in a despondent professional. 

Start a business transaction the right way, and many doors of opportunity will open up....

More than ink on paper….

You’ve probably heard that before and all sorts of boasts which go with it. However, we have a uniquely traditional approach to how we get your image just right.

Knowledge isn’t taught, it’s learnt from experience. Time is the greatest teacher. 

SMART print... do you?

Whilst anyone in business will know and use the acronym SMART, applying it to your print should be a natural thing? 

Make direct mail work for you..

Looking to boost your marketing response levels, perhaps you're missing out on one of the best trick's in the marketing toolbox - Personalised Direct Mail

Getting you remembered

In a modern business world, people trust you more when it comes to face to face meetings. The rich environment of business networking allows for new connections to be built.

However what makes you rememberable?

All about the power to deliver...

Right from the onset, when we were redefining how and what HAD-Print stood for, it was about providing the right solutions for our customers. We have always strived for better, knowing our ability to flex to meet your needs is key.

First impressions count!

Everyone is guilty of this, we quickly conclude what we think of someone, something, very quickly. To use a Kirsty Allsop anecdote the "11-second rule", whether it's houses or a smaller purchase we've all quickly made our mind up, on whether we like it or not.

It's your choice…

It's your choice...

It's your responsibility...

It's your world.

We are acutely aware of the resources we use within our processes. We endeavour to offer credible options to deliver eco-friendly solutions wherever we can. However, it's down to you, to what you want. You make the decision.

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