Unique and bespoke to you.

In a day and age when being an individual really matters. Uniqueness is a hard challenge to rise to. The humble T-shirt has now become one of the most easily adapted items through print to express individuality. 

3 Wise Men know it’s all about the Solution.

At a time of year where 3 wise men pop up. Making the right purchasing decisions are critical. Unlike a box shifting internet providers, we pride ourselves on the ability to get to know our customers and understand your needs and find the right solution. (Or better described as wise solutions!)

Local Matters

We’ve all seen the advertisements, social media pieces on doing business locally. However, it takes a community to make it happen. Sharing together what matters, having a presence and being there.


Discerning what’s real and fake.

In an age where so much is purported to be X or Y, actually believing who is who and what they actually do is something rare.

Here to make you look good.

That’s the simple premise we work on. Ensuring you present yourself in the best light. We pride ourselves on the service we provide. We know what makes us different, the fact we actually want to make you shine! 

Never to be under-estimated.

We have one big difference from the “Big Shed” Printers, - we genuinely care. Like true crafts people, we are the people that do your job. We love to get to know you are find out what matters to you. After all we are real humans, who like to make you happy, because when you’re happy we are too!

Bring back the physical in your marketing.

In recent years, people and businesses have got lazier. Sweeping statement, but the mantras of cost effective and instant gratification of “Job Done” have driven organisations away from fully using a diverse range of tools in their marketing toolbox, in favour of digital tools.

HAD-IT Huddersfield's Client Spotlight by Word it! Communications!

Word it! Communications Ltd's blog on our New Huddersfield Service Centre.

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